Professor Hayes

See Me

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Clue in last Sunday’s NY Times Crossword: Dreaded comment on a returned exam. Solution: SEE ME. Miss you, Jim. – Gary Beall (via Facebook, March 24, 2017)

Long May It Wave

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By Paul Mono

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hayes

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“Yesterday would have been the 90th birthday of a man who had a profound influence on the lives & careers of thousands of writers, including me. Prof. Jim Hayes died last year, having lived a long, rich life…..but so many of us were crushed when having to come to terms with a world stripped of a mentor, and a legend.
Once again, a serenade for that inimitable Irish heart of gold which lives on in everyone that knew you.” – Tom Kinsolving, via “We Love Jim Hayes” Facebook Group

Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy

“The Look”

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Jim Hayes: See Me  Jim-Hayes-Legacy_Look

Always proofread your cutlines

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Date:     April 11, 2008 3:58:03 PM PDT

    I don’t like pictures of dead bucks….
. . ..sweetie. But you should keep this as a reminder to always proofread your cutlines. Love, Papa