Jim Hayes: See Me

“Jim Hayes: See Me” – available for purchase at

“[W]hen he wrote ‘See Me,’ it meant that not only had you screwed up, it meant that he believed in you. You were too good to be mediocre, and he would not let you do that to yourself.” – Jim Gregory

This book is a tribute to former Cal Poly journalism professor Jim Hayes, whose reporting, teaching and writing coaching career spanned more than 60 years. Our collection of anecdotes, loving tributes and heartfelt notes of thanks was made possible by the original contributions of its authors, inspired by a Facebook page called “We Love Jim Hayes.” The page was founded several years ago by Cal Poly alumnus Mark Looker, and in the months preceding Jim’s death in June, 2014, it morphed into a living tribute to Jim.



V i V A C E 4: Tribute to Jim Hayes (V i V A C E Literary Magazine) (Volume 4) – available for purchase at

“When Jim sent me an email in February about his terminal illness, I called him immediately. He asked me when ViVACE would be out and his next story published. At that point, I vehemently expedited the issue, so it would reach him before his passing.  With the blessing of the Hayes family, I prepared a special issue of ViVACE gathering together accolades, along with a compilation of Jim’s short stories previously published in ViVACE 2009, ViVACE 2, ViVACE 3. When ViVACE 4: Tribute to Jim Hayes was completed and available on June 1, I was elated that Jim was able to recognize its publication. He passed away on June 10.” – Christine Neilson, Managing Editor/Publisher

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